Tradition You Can Trust

Nellikunnath Arya Vaidyasala has a venerable history that dates back to 1935, when Vaidyakalanidhi N. GOPALA PILLAI established Nellikunnath Arya VaidyaSala. All medicines including arishtams, lehyams, medicinal oils, choornams, tablets etc. were manufactured manually. Panchakarma treatments were delivered at patients’ own residences.
Today the children and even a grandchild of Gopalapillai are qualified Ayurvedic doctors, carrying on the family tradition of providing relief to patients through traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Traditional manufacturing processes are still being followed strictly, preserving the natural attributes of all medicines without compromising on quality. Arishtams for instance are still manufactured by an old process called SEELAMAN i.e. burying inside earthen vessels for a month before administering to patients.
Most of the Herbal ingredients used in the medicines are organically grown in our own Herbal Garden under strict monitoring, and without the use of any pesticides or artificial manure. A well-equipped lab ensures the quality of the ingredients used in medication, as well as of the end products. A portion of the products manufactured gets exported to various countries.
All requisite facilities are available for in-patient treatment at our centre in Ponkunnam.

Our Commitment

At Nellikunnath Arya Vaidya Sala, we are committed to following the traditional principles, procedures and processes of Ayurveda practice as enshrined in ancient Vedic literature, and as handed down by generations of dedicated practitioners. On no account will we sacrifice them for commercial considerations.