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Kumkumadi oil for Glowing and anti-aging benefits

Kumkumadi oil for Glowing and anti-aging benefits

Kumkumadi oil for Glowing and anti-aging benefits


Nellikunnath Arya Vaidyasala presents you top notched product kumkumadi thailam from a generation who have practiced and are committed to follow traditions and principles of Ayurveda’s ancient Vedic literature.

With best ayurvedic products like baby oil, hair oil and chayvanaprasa manufactured by Nellikunnath Arya Vaidyasala and responding to people’s demand for a facial oil we have introduced kumkumadi thailam which nourishes the skin and protects from wrinkles & ageing, helps to remove acne & give a youth full glaze to skin & nourishes natural beauty.

 We always acquire A+ grade kumkumadi which is best in the world and processed with other vital herbs from our own herbal garden with age old traditional method with (GMP) good manufacturing practice.

we don’t go for bulk production, in order to maintain quality of the product and limited to 100 bottles per year.

Why Kumkumadi for face?

Kumkumadi thailam is an ancient, classical ayurvedic skin oil formulation which is gaining vast popularity.

  Kumkumadi oil is a combination of many valuable herbs. Saffron has been used as a natural remedy for over 90 illnesses from ancient ages.

saffron is unquestionably a treasure trove of health benefits which makes this rich spice worth every dime and effort spent on it.

The oil is prepared according to ancient Vedic way. In Ancient literature it’s been referenced as formulation used by Royal Families for Princess and Queens.

It protects the skin from pollution and environmental damage and serves as an excellent remedy to slow down the aging process, prevent facial wrinkles, enhances elasticity, remove dark patches and to keep your skin youthful and glowing.

How to use Kumkumadi thailam?

kumkumadi thailam should be used for self-massaging. Self-massaging can be done every day. The pores open up due to heat produced while massaging & skin absorbs. Moreover, it forms a protective layer.

Apply 1st on forehead 2-3drops. Two each on right & left cheek. Last 2 drops on chin. Rub your palms to smear with oil. Massage forehead with four fingers exerting light pressure. Increased blood flow removes waste from tissues. Rub nose 5 times. Massage the chin 5times. Rub cheeks at least 2 minutes. Keep for half hour. Remove using other than soap. Chick pea powder, green gram, moong bean powder can be used. 

What are the benefits of using kumkumadi thailam.

·         Improves skin texture.

·         Relieves blemishes, acne, acne scars, white and black heads, pimple marks, under eye circle, sun tans, wrinkles

·         It is a good face massage oil.

·         It has both cleansing and nourishing effect on skin.

·         It has anti-aging qualities.

·         Adds radiance to the skin and helps in improving lips skin.

·         Removes scars, pimples, blemishes, white heads and wrinkles.

·         Useful in sun tan and makes skin radiant and beautiful.

What are the ingredients used in Kumkumadi thailam?

Can I trust Nellikunnath Arya Vaidyasala products?

Nellikunnath Arya Vaidyasala is the most trusted brand in Ayurveda health and wellness product. Since 1935 people in around Kottayam and surrounding  area have come to this ancient house for treating different health ailments and trusted the ayurvedic medicines. Traditional manufacturing process is still maintained and followed strictly to preserver the natural quality of medicines.


How Nellikunnath Kumkumadi thailam help in skin fair?

Nellikunnath Kumkumadi thailam is best and 100% natural for beauty treatment. It is best used in Ayurveda for fair complexion and the formulation helps to keep the skin look young and bright. It’s a good ayurvedic face beauty treatment. Kumkumadi thailam inhibits the enzyme that causes pigmentation in response to sun exposure. It also helps in diminishing the dark pigmentation resulting from scars. We use 100% pure saffron and other vital herbs helps in maintaining the fair complexion and improves the skin texture. 

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