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Dasapushpadi Keram

Dasapushpadi Keram

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Keynote from our Chief Physician

“Rarefied formulation which provides your child sacred protection. “ For Optimum results use daily for minimum 20-30 minutes. Don’t make your child sweat and wash off with Green gram powder.

The word Dasapuspham is a combination of two Sanskrit words: Dasa meaning ‘ten’ and Pushpam meaning ‘flower’. Dasapushpadi Keram is a unique Ayurvedic formulation made from the extracts of ten medicinal plants endemic to the Western Ghats of Kerala, using cold pressed virgin coconut oil as the base. It has beneficial effects on the skin.

The medicinal herbs used in the formulation are sourced from our own botanical garden, and hand-blended with utmost care to form the decoction which provides healthy and radiant skin, fights skin diseases, and provides immunity to children up to the age of six.

Gently massage the oil all over the baby’s body for 10 minutes and let it soak into the pores of the skin for 20 minutes before washing it off with a mild baby soap. The oil is for external use only.

Nellikunnath Dasapushpadi Oil is a unique Ayurvedic formulation made using the purest ingredients and in keeping with age old traditions. No synthetic fragrances or preservatives are used in its production. The oil helps to protect the baby’s skin, retains its natural moisture, and keeps it supple and glowing. The product has been trusted by families for more than 85 years.

No artificial ingredients or preservatives are used in manufacturing Nellikunnath Dasapushpadi Oil. The product has been specifically developed to be applied on the soft and delicate skin of little babies, and has absolutely no side effects.

Dasapushpadi Keram Baby Oil

Made from the extracts of ten rare medicinal herbs added to a base of cold pressed virgin coconut oil, and processed in keeping with generations old tradition, Dasapushpadi Keram protects your baby’s skin, restores its natural moisture, and keeps it soft, supple, silky and glowing. While laying the foundation for a healthy skin in the baby’s growing years, the formulation also enhances the baby’s immunity power and helps to fight ailments such as common cold, fever and a host of other paediatric conditions.


Massage the oil gently into the baby’s skin and scalp. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash with fine green gram powder and dry with a soft towel. For external use only.

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