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Chyavanaprasa Rasayanam

Chyavanaprasa Rasayanam

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Keynote from our Chief Physician

“The Pristine & Holistic properties of this Rasyana have been formulated by Omniscient Sage Chayavan.” For Optimum results intake of continuous three months recommended.

Chyawanaprasa acts as an immunity booster and rejuvenates the body cells, helps in reducing the effects of aging including memory loss, increases vitality, and keeps you feeling young and energetic.

Nellikunnath Chyawanaprasa uses pure cow ghee procured from an affiliate ashram as the base stock. Added to it is Indian Gooseberry (we avoid using gooseberry candies), Arrowroot and a synergising blend of 40 plus herbs and natural rock sugar (we avoid normal processed sugar). The manufacturing process has been handed down from generation to generation, and we take pride in following the same process even today.

Chyawanaprasa can be taken as such or mixed with milk or water or even as bread spread. Having chyawanaprasa with warm milk helps in revitalizing the cells. Recommended dosage is 1- 2 teaspoonfuls, once or twice daily for adults and ½ teaspoonful daily for children.

Chyavanaprasa Rasayanam 

Chyavanaprasa Rasayanam is a purely herbal, traditionally prepared & processed with age old puranic ayurvedic recipe. Made with A2 Cow pure ghee procured from affiliate ashram , Indian Gooseberry ( We avoid using gooseberry candies ) ,other synergising blends of 38 plus herbs and natural rock sugar .Our Chyavanprasa guarantee you total rejuvenation of the body and mind ,enhances Immunity to fight diseases. Daily use has overall health benefits for your family.


Dosage Chyavanprash is best to have in the morning with milk or without milk on an empty stomach one or two teaspoons for adults and ½ teaspoon for Children’s above age 4.

Health Benefits of Nellikunnath Vaidya Sala Chyavanprash Rasayana

  • Chyavanprash provides innumerable health benefits, hence it’s called as life tonic.
  • Immunity Booster and purifies the blood and eliminates toxins.
  • Nourishes brain cells, improves memory, learning ability, enhances intellect.
  • Act as cardio tonic,i.e. strengthens heart and improves the function of vascular system
  • Protects and strengthen the respiratory system
  • Boosts Vitality, virility and overall energy of the body
  • Improves digestion and supports entire digestive system

Immunity Booster

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